Health Reboot package

Relax and Detox, Lose Weight, Enhance your fitness levels and recover from autoimmune disease


we offer you a PLANT-BASED detox retreat,


-the 7 Day retreat starts to offer a full detox of body and mind with an array of wellness and fitness activities that will help you detox and Lose weight along with a large dose of knowledge on how to kick-start a healthy lifestyle.


-The nutrition diet of this program is plant-based Juice smoothies and soups.

Upon medical recommendation and participant's objective in joining the retreat,  each individual joins a restricted calorie program of 900 calories or 1200 calorie intake per day. 

-Here are some of the activities that are included in the retreat :


  • Meditation

  • Zumba Fitness/Pilates

  • Functional Training

  • Aqua gym

  • Stretching Classes

  • Beach Walks

  • Nutrition Seminars

    And More. 

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